Discover Deer Park®

A place of wonder. A place of discovery. Deer Park® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water from your back yard.

100% Natural Spring Water

Discover the wonder of your own backyard. Deer Park 100% Natural Spring Water flows deep beneath this region, which is why we’re working to protect it – so generations to come can continue to discover.


Designed for Recycling

Our bottles are made from PET plastic, which is durable and lightweight. We go a step further and carefully design our bottles to the standards of Association of Plastic Recycling (APR) to be 100% recyclable.

Unfortunately, less than 30% of PET plastic is recycled in the U.S. That means a shocking 68% ends up in the waste stream. But together we can change this. We have committed $6 Million, along with our sister brands, to the Closed Loop Fund to build circular supply chains and help increase PET recycling rates in communities across America. You can help by always recycling your bottles when done, and ensuring your friends do too. Learn more about how to recycle in your neighborhood by visiting